Spring 2017 Horoscope forecast. Call the sun: dare to laugh!

It's spring and this is also the beginning of the anniversary period of the Aries to which we wish all the happiness of the world for the 365 days that come.

May spring 2017 open your eyes and hearts to a changing world and, above all, let us keep our faculty of amusing ourselves and laughing heartily.

To celebrate the return of the sun and the joie de vivre, we offer a zodiac tour of humor: what are we laughing and how?

Aries Spring 2017 Horoscope The Aries sign appreciate short and simple stories, they have little patience to listen to developments drawn by the hair.

That said, Aries of introverted type, rarer, have a much finer humor, more elaborate ...

In cinema or theater, they are very sensitive to the comedy of situation and the play of the actors.
Spring 2017 Horoscope forecast zone Aries to Sagittarius

Aries willingly uses humor, sometimes derision, to motivate his troops. He often lacks tact and can hurt by clumsiness in wanting to amuse.

However, this sign is so spontaneous and sincere that one does not really want it and that his sarcasms generally make everyone laugh.

Gemini Spring 2017 Horoscope Gemini, the most witty of the twelve signs, is very gifted in subtle puns, puns drawn by the hair, accents and comic voices.

This sign gives excellent imitators and merciless observers. At the theater or the cinema, he is especially sensitive to the actors' play and to the construction of history.

The big repetitive farces, the heaviness of style do not amuse him and his cruel taunts can even disturb his neighbors of armchair.

But mocking others is often a delicate game in this sign that does not necessarily realize the ravages it causes in certain confidences in itself ...

Virgo Spring 2017 Horoscope The reserve or shyness of the Virgo may suggest that she has no humor when she is one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac.

Once confident, she reveals her love of word games and sometimes possesses a hidden talent of irresistible imitator.

In the theater or in the cinema, the Virgo especially appreciates the good distributions and a steady rhythm.

Her tastes do not take her to the gallics that can shock her.

This wise sign is very amused by comical situations but never laughs at people and disapproves of nasty quips or taunts.

Sagittarius Spring 2017 Horoscope Sagittarius is an excellent public, with playful and candid humor. Often, he likes, like a child, the circus, the antics, the mimes and the tarts with the cream.

Moreover, this sign is often gifted to make the clown himself. At the theater or in the cinema, Sagittarius loves rhythmic actions and farces, even enormous, amuse him a lot.

He is the first to laugh at his misfortunes or his mistakes, dragging his loved ones without worrying about his dignity (which he places elsewhere).

The problem is that he sometimes risks laughing at the misfortunes of others, which happens immediately less well, even if he does not put any malice.