May 2017 LOVE horoscope prediction for all zodiac signs. ARIES to VIRGO.

ARIES May, 2017 love horoscope prediction You share much of your personal past history and you reveal much to each other that you normally do not share with others.

You may regret your candor at times, and there are qualities in each other that annoy you intensely, qualities that you do not want to acknowledge are also part of yourself!

TAURUS May, 2017 love horoscope forecast When personal problems arise, Taurus wants to discuss them with a counselor or friend, is open to suggestions and others' opinions, and wants to negotiate a fair, equitable solution.

Taurus is less likely to seek outside help and may have little patience for talking and airing the problem, unless some clear, concrete change results.

GEMINI May, 2017 love horoscope oracle Anticipate communication problems between you and Pisces. There are misunderstandings caused by inattention or not listening to one another. Problems are likely, too, from nagging and nit-picking.
May 2017 LOVE horoscope prediction  ARIES to VIRGO

You need to make every effort to respect one another's viewpoints and avoid making negative comments if you disagree with them, otherwise you will become frustrated and create barriers between each other.

CANCER May, 2017 love horoscope prediction Money is an ongoing problem between you and Libra. She may try to control your joint finances, which can cause feelings of anxiety or resentment between you.

There is a risk of financial hardship or getting into debt. Running a business together might not be a good idea.

LEO May, 2017 love horoscope prediction Scorpio is a powerful and vital force in your life. He encourages you to be your own person and to develop your fullest potential.

He recognises the promise you have within you and wants nothing more than to see and help you reach it. He may, at times, come across as insistent or over-bearing, but his intentions are generally well-meant and heartfelt.

VIRGO May, 2017 love horoscope forecast One of the pleasures you share with Aries is spending time together alone in quiet and restful surroundings.

Your joy is with each other away from the glare of spotlights and the influence of other people. You delight in each other's company and privacy.