MAY 2017 LIBRA HOROSCOPE forecast: Avoid smoking, drinking, eating excessively greasy foods.

MAY 2017 LIBRA ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE This is the month to explore your creative side. You are a social animal and like to share your joys and pleasures with others.

This is a period to be more innovative and do things in new ways. You should be more optimistic and have a free mind.

You are open-minded and joyful to approach other people, it is easy for you. With ease, you can make new contacts and conduct interesting conversations that will enrich your life enormously. Have you made a new acquaintance?

Speak quietly out loud! Openness now pays off. Couples fear boredom in the relationship as the devil the holy water. Variety has to come - in the form of fun trips and exciting activities.

MAY 2017 LIBRA HOROSCOPE forecast Saturn is still in your sign, what you benefit professionally. They are ready to take more responsibility, looking forward to every challenge.
MAY 2017 LIBRA HOROSCOPE forecast zone oracle

Your vision and your perseverance make you a top employee. Your boss is not so bad at what you can do now!

You are confident, competitive and prefer to be independent. You don't like to be lead and want to do things and handle situations according to your own terms.

Most of your concerns involve money and learning of the power that comes with its proper manipulation.

Material success, status, money and luxury make all the difference to you.

MAY 2017 LIBRA HOROSCOPE PREDICTIONS Careful consideration of your direction in life is the key to this period.

Rather than surging ahead with new projects and plans, you are being asked to face your responsibilities for incomplete activities.

Areas of your life which you thought were stable and reliable start to change, putting everything in a new light.

This can be a bit destabilising, particularly if you do not enjoy the challenge of the process of change.

MAY 2017 LIBRA HOROSCOPE ORACLE On the whole you are feeling self-confident and are enjoying warm relations with other people during this period.

However, you also find there are times when others are not as appreciative as they could be of your need for fun and enjoyment.

This month your circulation in general could be affected, and your legs may be swollen due to excessive fluid retention.

The key is to watch your diet so you do not suffer diseases like gout. Avoid smoking, drinking, eating excessively greasy foods and of course eliminating the inlays of your diet.