MAY 2017 LEO HOROSCOPE forecast: You will be able to grow your resources visibly.

MAY 2017 LEO ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE Obstacles seem to stand in the path of your true vocation and you are feeling quite emotional.

Although it is possible that events or people are indeed blocking your road to success, it is also possible that you need to slow down and reassess your ambitions.

Your old solutions for the problems and delays are no longer working, and you are being asked to look at things differently.

Persistence will earn you the result that you want to achieve.

MAY 2017 LEO HOROSCOPE forecast On one side the Sun / Neptune dissonance, on the other the harmony of Venus.

I would be you, I would be very suspicious on the relational level, especially if there is a thunderbolt. Indeed, the Sun and Neptune spouses can create false, too beautiful image, too seductive to be honest, but you so much want to believe that you can engage in something that will eventually turn out to be toxic.

While the station of Venus creates the desire to be in love.
MAY 2017 LEO HOROSCOPE forecast zone oracle

Thanks to the harmonic aspects of the planet Pluto, you will be rather euphoric on the friendly level because you will have much success in society.

MAY 2017 LEO HOROSCOPE PREDICTIONS You will feel in the vein of your neighbor's kindness and love.

And this can be manifested in several ways: you have joined an association for example, an organization that helps others, or you volunteer.

But it may also be that you have an ambitious project and that it is promised a great success, more important than you think.

MAY 2017 LEO HOROSCOPE ORACLE You probably know a passion shot.

This mad love will completely change your life and will leave memories memorable to you as well as indelible traces, even if it is as transitory as it is intense.

If you are a couple, it will be difficult to avoid a small conjugal crisis because of this blow. Make the fine.

Spiritual power that comes from within blossoms during this transit. You find that you feel powerful and at-one with yourself and the cosmos with no need for external confirmation of your unique talents.