LIBRA June 2017 horoscope forecast: You must guard against overoptimism and overconfidence.

Monthly astrology LIBRA, June 1 - June 10, 2017 This is a positive time for your career. There will definitely be changes: you may change jobs, receive additional training or education that will help you reach your goals, or develop a fresh, new approach to your work.

You are likely to receive some benefits, raises, promotions, or increased stature and recognition in your work.

There is much activity; you move rapidly from one thing to another and a hectic, somewhat stressful pace is likely.

Many errands, phone calls, letters which require a response, and other "busywork" is on the agenda. A minor but rather tense confrontation is likely.

LIBRA June 2017 lucky days: 7, 13, 18

LIBRA June 2017 unlucky days: 1, 2, 20
LIBRA June 2017 horoscope forecast zone

June 11 - June 20, 2017 LIBRA monthly horoscope zone Beware of sentimental troubles, trouble that you are perfectly able to avoid. If you want to receive, accept to give: one-way relationships always lead to frustrations.

Refrain from eating too heavy and avoid alcohol, tobacco and over-spiced dishes. Your stomach and your liver might blame you.

Your judgment may not be perfect today. You may tend to exaggerate and promise more than you can deliver. You may likely bite  off more  than you can chew.

Pull in  the reins a little  and curb your desire  to  overspend. You  must guard against  overoptimism and overconfidence.

Forecast LIBRA monthly horoscope June 21 - June 30, 2017 You have done your work, now let the universe take over. Worries should be put aside, because despite whatever you  think, things WILL work themselves out.

The Universe is telling you to stop  your efforts and rest, but if you don't, then you will be forced to rest through an illness.

All metaphysical studies are favored  now and  your intuition and dreams will be correct and  some true  telepathic experiences  are possible.

Make sure to check the fine print in all  legal papers  that you sign now.