KUNDALINI YOGA guidelines for common man. Benefits of Kundalini awakening.

Every sadhaka is at different spiritual level of development. So every sadhaka needs specific care and treatment, which is impossible without self-realized master.

1. If a person has been Yogi in the previous incarnation, then his Kundalini in the present life can awaken even without following the rigorous path of Sadhana etc. His body may start trembling even without any external cause like fear etc.

At times when such a person approaches a temple or a religious place, his body may start trembling uncontrollably.

To the ignorant it may appear as if a ghost or other unearthly body has entered his body; which is not true.

2. Occasionally some persons experience a thunder-sound rising up the spinal cord and the head becomes heavy.

To others, the body starts swaying without any effort or reason, a feeling of uneasiness persists and (at times) the heart beat becomes fast. These may also be result of Kundalini awakening.

3. A Yogi of past life may see Lord Ganesh, water body, a serpent or Linga, the icon of Lord Shiva, in his dreams.

Coloured icons appearing in dreams are indicative of imminent Kundalini awakening.

In such cases there is a fair possibility of Kundalini awakening within a period of three to six months.

To reap the benefits of Kundalini awakening and keep its harmful effects at bay, such person should contact a Siddhyogi at the very earliest.

If a person repeatedly gets such experiences, then whether or not he believes in religion, he will soon be attracted to yoga.

There is a Strong possibility of his Kundalini awakening.

To enable himself to understand the implications of this awakening, to control it and benefit from it and to direct it to rise inside the Sushumna, he must urgently seek the guidance and blessings of a Siddhayogi.