Causes that block weight loss: You do not record what you eat.

Causes that block weight loss for all horoscope signs. The realization of what you eat is extremely important when trying to lose weight. Many people have no idea what they really eat.

Studies show that record what you eat helps to lose weight.

It's not about counting calories or even weighing your food.

Before you start your plate, put on your table everything you plan to eat and take a picture with your smartphone.

If you can not stop snacking off meals (or if small healthy snacks like carrots or a handful of almonds are part of your healthy lifestyle to lose weight), take a picture too.

Keep this habit before putting anything in your mouth, including drinks (except water) as they are caloric, sometimes very caloric (fruit juice, alcohol).

They act on the appetite even when they are at zero percent.

Causes that block weight loss tips and tricks
Weight Loss Tips for horoscope signs
You can also note what you eat in a notebook.

Studies show that simply recording or photographing what you eat makes you lose weight faster because you follow much better what you absorb.

And if your balance does not want to go down anymore, replay the movie of all you have eaten in the past two weeks.

Perhaps you will not be so surprised to have lost no more pounds.