CANCER May 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: You may feel lonely and isolated.

Monthly astrology CANCER, May 2017 This transit brings expanded sensitivity and a greater flow of emotions — which is pleasant if your birth Moon makes mostly harmonious aspects to other planets but exhausting if your Moon is afflicted by squares and oppositions.

You may feel lonely and isolated as you dwell on the self-determined structure of your own life, rather than relating wholeheartedly to your friends and family.

These restrictions have their long-term benefits as well, and after all are only as real as your mind makes them.

Your life as a couple will benefit fully from the protection of Heaven. First favorable point: the Sun. But there will be better: Venus promises you a especially marvelous month on the conjugal level.

Bachelor, Mercury in your natal Heaven promises to inspire you in love matter. You will find a thousand new ways to achieve your goals.

CANCER May 2017 lucky days: 1, 4, 21
CANCER May 2017 monthly horoscope forecast zone

CANCER May 2017 unlucky days: 14, 15, 23

May 2017 CANCER monthly horoscope zone  Your conversation will have so much charm that many pretty hearts will no longer want to leave your aura. Finally, your joy will be heightened, and your charm tenfold.

You will clearly express your point of view, without creating any waves ... As some life coaches teach, "tell your truth with kindness and respect for yourself and your opponent."

The egos will be more inflamed including yours, so weigh your words well before opening your mouth!

It will not be easy for you to recognize that you can sometimes go wrong. This dogmatic attitude will cause a lot of tensions in your relationships with your family. Try to be more diplomatic and more accommodating.

You will enjoy your relations with your children or loved ones right now and place great emphasis on your home environment.

Forecast CANCER monthly horoscope May 2017 It might be a good time to clean house. You may also encounter significant female figures in your life at this time.

You would do well to set some limits for yourself -- doing what you feel is right for you and not what others demand may be difficult at this time. If you do more than you ultimately believe you should, you are making yourself a victim and in the long run you will resent it. 

This transit is also about illusion. It is important to double-check your feelings against reality from time to time during the period of time this transit is in effect.