CANCER June 2017 horoscope forecast: don't let any impatience or carelessness lead to accidents.

Monthly astrology CANCER, June 1 - June 10, 2017 If you can avoid the tempting over-exuberance to have, obtain, or experience something immediately, you can get through this transit without incurring a long-term problem.

This may apply not only to material things, but to relationships as well, so try not to allow passion to get the better of your common sense.

In this period you won't be able to relax and enjoy life to its fullest. You need to have confidence in your self and take decisions independently.

You should have an open and harmonious relationship with others. You need to be tactful in dealing with others and express your feeling to them without being rude to them.

CANCER June 2017 lucky days: 3, 10, 27
CANCER June 2017 horoscope forecast zone

CANCER June 2017 unlucky days: 1, 7, 19

June 11 - June 20, 2017 CANCER monthly horoscope zone If you find yourself being sarcastic with a loved one, it could be that you want him or her to live up to your standards and expectations.

Some individuals may feel depressed and unable to express their feelings.

Try to avoid having fixed ideas about issues and also try not to take stubborn decisions. You should be more compromising.

You need to show compassion and understanding for others. You should deal with emotionally charged issues more-lightheartedly.

Forecast CANCER monthly horoscope June 21 - June 30, 2017 Try not to do things to excess.  Be compassionate, and try to look at things from others' points of view.  You will probably be feeling quite good.

You could feel much more intuitive and psychic than heretofore possible. You may sense and feel things that others do not.

Not a time when you are at your most practical; you lose yourself in home and family.

Watch  a  tendency  to  argue with  friends, display impatience, especially while driving, and to generally be on edge.

You have plans to change things and the necessary power to do so. Be open- minded with others and be tolerant of there beliefs.