April 2017 LOVE horoscope prediction for all zodiac signs. Aries to Leo.

ARIES April, 2017 love horoscope prediction A squall swells in the love sector of singles. Romantic encounter, sensual awakening, strange thunderbolts. Whether it is for a night or for life, what awaits you will be a milestone.

As a couple, if you are not looking for a brawl on matters of stewardship or education, you should get along with your partner. The astral atmosphere will promote a stable, but also very sensual, conjugal life!

TAURUS April, 2017 love forecast oracle Venus will be entirely yours. As a result, your marital relationships will become clearer, and you will better understand your partner's feelings and intentions.

This will help you to accommodate your decisions, even if they are unexpected or seem ill-advised.
Aries to leo April 2017 LOVE horoscope prediction

Single, the stars will make you an accomplice wink. Do not hesitate to make some efforts to find the soul mate: exit, look neat. Venus will make sure that they are successful.

CANCER April, 2017 love horoscope forecast Singles are in the spotlight! If you are free, you will probably meet the soul mate in the course of this month.

At first, it can only be a purely physical adventure, but a sentimental bond can soon be established between you.

As a couple, the day, placed under the protection of Venus, will be very conducive to affairs of the heart. The conjugal relations will therefore be happy and very favored.

GEMINI April 2017 love astrology forecast The sky always upsets you a little and you find that nothing works as you hoped. But perhaps you are only capricious, impulsive or too vague.

For most of you, the ambiance will be very pleasant to live. At this moment, your priorities will concern the house and the daily life.

Singles, get ready for a drastic upheaval in your sentimental life. A decisive encounter should occur today. You will then be able to say a big thank you to the planet Venus, who will have been behind all this.

LEO April 2017 love forecast No problem to settle, no question to ask: just a good understanding that allows harmony to reign. Rest on a serenity without cloud and do not ask for more!

Blame Pluto, this star that tends to affect your relationship. But the Moon will give you a chance to forgive your deviations: attentions, tender gestures, little gifts.

Single, if your solitude weighs on you, rejoice because it should soon end. You will go further ahead of others, and the opportunities for acquiring knowledge will be more numerous. But before you push a relationship further, you will take your time.