4 RULES to keep in mind when making a WEDDING list.

Far from being a detail in the organization of a wedding, the creation of the wedding list meets several rules. Here are 5 to know absolutely to avoid the bad surprises!

Contrary to what one might think, a wedding list is not prepared just before the ceremony: it is necessary to leave to the guests the time to make their choice!

Ideally, try to finish your wedding list about 4 months before Z-Day, just before sending out your announcement. You will be able to send your list to the guests who will ask you when confirming their presence.

1. A wedding list for all budgets

Although the average amount given by each guest to a wedding is about 70 dollars, plan a wide range of prices (between 20 and 200 dollars, ideally).

RULES to keep in mind when making a WEDDING list

Guests with a tight budget can also make you happy, without feeling guilty!

2. Divide the most expensive gifts

Dreaming of an exceptional honeymoon? Obviously, the wedding list is there to help you achieve this beautiful project. But beware: announcing a single exorbitant amount can scare the guests, who will also feel like a piggy bank.

3. Refresh your wedding list

Attention: a wedding list is never established once and for all! During the months, think about updating your list if you find for example that all "funny" gifts have been stormed.

Feel free to replace gifts that do not appear to excite your guests: offer a gift should also be fun for your guests!

4. Provide a long enough wedding list

To avoid the phenomenon of "first come, first served", plan a wedding list that contains more gifts than the number of guests at your wedding.

Everyone will then truly choose, and latecomers will not end up with a gift that does not match their budget or their desires.