Time of practice in Pranayama YOGA. Tips to get started in Pranayama.

Tips and Tricks to get started in Pranayama. 

Sequence in Pranayama YOGA: Pranayama should be performed after asanas and before meditation practices.

After doing asanas, the practitioner may rest for five minutes and then begin pranayama.

A few rounds of pranayama may also be practiced just before Japa and meditation. The mind becomes one-pointed and the body feels lighter after pranayama, and then meditation is more enjoyable.

Time of practice Pranayama Yoga: Early morning is the best time to practice pranayama.

At the time of brahmamuhurta (between 4 and 6 AM) the vibrations of the atmosphere are in their purest state.

The body is fresh and the mind has very few impressions, compared to its state at the end of the day. Most pranayamas should not be done in the heat of the day (unless a special sadhana is given by the guru).

The yogic texts advise four periods for the practice of pranayama: sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight, but this is for high-level practitioners only.

Pranayama should not be practiced after meals. One must wait for three hours after a meal before practicing.

An empty stomach ensures that the prana vayus are not concentrated in the digestive process and can be used to initiate more subtle activities.

At the same time, pranayama should not be practised when one is very hungry.

Cleanliness and Pranayama YOGA: Personal cleanliness is necessary for pranayama practice. If a full bath is not possible, one should wash the hands, face and feet with water.

Bathing helps to wake up properly before commencing sadhana. However, one should not bathe immediately after pranayama; one should wait for at least half an hour.