The 72 Names of God. VEHUIAH: Subtlety of spirit, ability to unveil.

VEHUIAH. Genie No. 1 of the 72 Kabbalah. Ranges from 0º to 5º Aries. (From 21 to 25 April).

In the daily cycle from 0h 00m to 0h 20m from the sunrise.

Divine Name: Jehovah.

Attribute: It helps to obtain enlightenment, clarification of ideas, release of something or someone, or do it with others.

Subtlety of spirit, ability to unveil. It also helps in achieving leadership or prominence, achieving a feat and in all that is necessary to have will.

Contrary quality: anger, turbulence, debauchery.

PRAYER OF GENIUS No. 1: Vehuiah (00º01 'A 05º 00' Aries)
Wiki The 72 Names of God VEHUIAH

VEHUIAH: God raised and exalted above all things.

But you, O Eternal One! You are my armor You are my glory and you raise my head!

VEHUIAH: Let your virtues ferment in me,
Make it the standard bearer, the first, the hero,
The one who by your grace leads men beyond the human.
Make grass in me the superabundant energy
With which miracles are performed.
Deliver me, Lord, from turbulence and anger,
Allowing me to find, on the outside,
The right receptacle for your seed.
Tell me your sagacity, your subtlety,
So that the Divine Voice may reach my ears,
And that I may behold with my eyes
The sublime image of the Father.
O Vehuiah! Be the forger, I will be your anvil;
Be you the solderer, I will be the crystal;
Be you the alchemist, I will be the crucible,
The fire of your fire, the light of your light,
The flame permanently alive
So that my generation brothers
Glimpse the road.

Dates for the invocation of the Genius No.1 (Vehuiah): from the 21 to the 25 of March.

March 21st; 3 of June; August, 17; October 31 and January 9.

Daily from 00.00 to 00.20 hours from sunrise

Exhort of the genius nº1: Vehuiah

The time of the fermentation has arrived:
The juice of the vineyard is fermented under the rays of the sun,
Water rages under the action of Fire,
The iron reddens to the breath of the Flame:
And You? How do you behave in the Sun, the Fire and the Flame?
There is a life within your life,
A new state of being within your present state of being,
A red light in your metallic coldness.
The Father is the Sun, it is the Fire and it is the Flame:
Is the universal transforming force,
Is the one who will take from you the fertility,
Pulling you out of your apparent death,
To create in you, and through you in others,
The potential of the eternal.
Come to the religion of the Father and you will understand
The mysteries that faith hid you.
You will understand what Love, the sufferings,
Prayers and the chain of incarnations.
You will understand why failure is necessary
And because victory is useful.
Father will make you
A conscientious collaborator of his Work.
The religion of the Father now opens its doors
For the expansion of consciousness to take place in you
Which you have been searching for in your human pilgrimage.