TAURUS Love Horoscope 2018. Love horoscope 2018 by date of birth.

2018 Love Astrology forecast for TAURUS You feel a terrific sense of optimism and possibility. This may be a stressful time which is ultimately productive of far-reaching personality changes, as you feel yourself directly challenged by inner processes that seem about to overwhelm your fragile ego.

Either way, compulsive or control-oriented behavior that normally lies beneath the surface of your conscious awareness could come up for you at this time.

You will find yourself in a good place to deal with intimates as well as all other people during this period. Just be careful to temper your enthusiasm with a degree of caution at this time.

Established relationships, too, can go through a period of increased warmth and affection. Alternatively, romance may not feature at all at this time; instead your life becomes a whirl of social engagements or pleasure seeking activities.
TAURUS Love Horoscope 2018 Prediction

TAURUS Love Horoscope 2018 best compatibility signs

1) Taurus & Aquarius 2018 Love Horoscope Aquarius can bring Taurus to boiling point and Taurus, in turn, can throw a wet towel on her enthusiasm. 

Both of you have strong emotions, but each fails to comprehend the other's emotional nature. 

Aquarius can hurt Taurus by being insensitive and Taurus, in turn, can mystify him with his apparent lack of worldly ambition.

2) Taurus & Cancer Love Astrology 2018 Cancer likes change and is good at getting things off the ground; whereas Taurus resists change and tends to hold onto the known and familiar. 

Problems can arise between you if Cancer's initiatives are opposed or Taurus stubbornly refuses to move forward in life. 

3) Taurus & Libra Love Horoscope 2018 You both recognise that change and spontaneity within a relationship have long term benefits. There isn't much likelihood that you'll allow one another to become stuck in your ways. This is a very dreamy and romantic relationship.

4) Taurus & Scorpio Love Horoscope 2018 You feel a sense of responsibility for each other and know one another's needs and boundaries. 

You both understand your individual responsibilities and tend to live up to them. You are magnetically drawn to one another and you love the way that there's always something going on between you.