TAURUS April 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: good fortune in attaining your greatest dreams at this time.

Monthly astrology TAURUS, April 2017 Feelings of confusion regarding what you want or what you are trying to accomplish may come up for you during the week or so that this transit is in effect.

This transit brings your sense of spirituality, and your ideals, to your desires and actions. You may find that you have new spiritual insights at this time, and also a more disconnected energy than usual, perhaps a sense of confusion in your life.

This is a period when your feelings and emotions exert a tremendous power in your life. Hopes and dreams about the future will be a driving force inspiring you to take action.

Generally speaking, you should have a degree of luck and good fortune in attaining your greatest dreams at this time. This is probably a natural consequence of the enthusiasm you invest in all matters.

TAURUS April 2017 lucky days: 8, 11, 23
TAURUS April 2017 monthly horoscope zone prediction

TAURUS Marc 2017 unlucky days: 5, 9, 20

April 2017 TAURUS monthly horoscope zone It is a good month to travel, to interact with people different from you and to increase your knowledge in some subject that interests you.

If you have always wanted to know a country that you like very much or have contact with a specific culture, this month you will have the opportunity to carry it out.

In addition, the experiences or ideas that you can draw from this period of time will help you to progress in your professional career and allow you to get closer and closer to turning your passion into work.

Forecast TAURUS monthly horoscope April 2017  You may feel an almost psychic receptivity to other people, such as friends and family during this transit, or this may be a time when romantic love blossoms in your life.

Whatever form this increased receptivity to others takes, you are likely to be more forgiving and compassionate during this period of time.

You may also be more willing to do things for others than normally, and you may wind up feeling taken advantage of as a result.

You would do well to set some limits for yourself -- doing what you feel is right for you and not what others demand.