GEMINI May 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: You will have more confidence in your own ideas.

Monthly astrology GEMINI, May 2017 There is a tendency to project coolness onto others, while failing to recognize it in themselves.

There is a lot of discomfort and uncertainty where strong feelings are concerned, which can make the Gemini person quite defensive and unpredictable.

Sharp and penetrating insight into your own inner workings -- what is hidden or going on behind the scenes. Sherlock Holmes to the fore. Also good for research and analysis.

You will have more confidence in your own ideas, and the ability to state them clearly.

You will also have more energy than you usually have, so enjoy this time, by doing something positive with your life now.
GEMINI May 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

GEMINI May 2017 lucky days: 7, 17, 23

GEMINI May 2017 unlucky days: 3, 5, 20

May 2017 GEMINI monthly horoscope zone You are concerned with the world of ideas, particularly those of an unconvenetional or progressive nature; and you invest much energy in mental pursuits.

Always eager to learn new things, you want to be challenged intellectually.

Think twice about purchases you make for you and your family, because it might just be in the wrong taste, or too expensive.

You may have a tendency to daydream a bit too much.  Your energy is rather low, and you may not feel like doing much.

Forecast GEMINI monthly horoscope May 2017 You may only feel truly productive just now when you are working with and helping others, sharing your understanding, deep sense of acceptance, and personal self-sacrifice.

Actions speak louder than words now and you have all the energy you need to accomplish things. You feel competitive, self-motivated and decisive.

However, you may need to guard against aggression, impatience or injury-proneness.

You can realize your objectives over this period but they will take longer than usual to achieve. This could be because of unexpected delays or obstacles caused by others or circumstances.