AQUARIUS March 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: The lesson of this transit is patience.

Monthly astrology AQUARIUS, March 2017 During this transit you may have difficulty striking a balance between your own personal goals and your responsibilities.

Tension can arise as you feel the need to break out of old restrictions. Although your tolerance level may be low, you would do well to cultivate the assistance of others, rather than meeting them head on or simply giving up on them.

For you there is now an urge to break out and express yourself in new ways, particularly in your primary relationship.

The more you have held yourself back, or others have held you back in the past the more urgently you now feel the need for change. As you can imagine this can be quite difficult if you have limited yourself because of other people's expectations.

AQUARIUS March 2017 lucky days: 2, 5, 23
AQUARIUS March 2017 monthly horoscope forecast oracle

AQUARIUS Marc 2017 unlucky days: 8, 11, 17

March 2017 AQUARIUS monthly horoscope zone During this period of time, lasting about two and a half years, you feel a great urge toward security, centered in the material plane.

At this time, the material world can be of greater importance than usual for you. You may lay the groundwork for financial security, or you may express a need for nice surroundings or cling to personal things. You really enjoy the familiarity and security of home at this time.

At this time, you may also feel that unconscious drives are more powerful than your overt conscious motivations. You may possibly be tempted to “act out” in a wild and independent way that is heedless of consequences.

You also have a powerful urge to create at this time, and you need to get in touch with how to use this energy and what it is that you want to accomplish.

Forecast AQUARIUS monthly horoscope March 2017 New experiences abound, prompting a change of direction more in line with your true purpose in life.

In the past you may have felt like a fish out of water in your family, work or social environment. Now life takes an unexpected turn and you discover where you truly belong.

This could involve meeting new groups of people, an exciting new relationship, change of career or new interest.