AQUARIUS April 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: You have a great mental drive.

Monthly astrology AQUARIUS, April 2017 This is an excellent period for restructuring your life and for learning new skills, especially in relation to your work.

There is no better time to up-skill, because you have the right frame of mind and the self-discipline to persevere with learning.

You are ready to approach things differently and introduce reforms in a careful and well-planned manner.

This is a period in which your attention will tend to be turned inward and you will be quite content with the simple pleasures of life.

You will be inclined to spend extended periods of time alone or in seclusion, or if there is someone important in your life, you will appreciate quiet times together.
AQUARIUS April 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

AQUARIUS April 2017 lucky days: 9, 11, 20

AQUARIUS April 2017 unlucky days: 4, 13, 24

April 2017 AQUARIUS monthly horoscope zone Take care of your diet at this time, especially if you are naturally prone to putting on weight.

This transit only comes around about once every 12 years; it would be a shame not to make advantageous use of it while you can.

At this time, you can accomplish a great deal through concentrated effort and concentration upon specific objectives.

You may work to the point of physical exhaustion now, yet this shouldn't daunt you, as your recuperative powers are stronger than usual. Intense drive and determination are consistent with this planetary combination.

Forecast AQUARIUS monthly horoscope April 2017  You could be most persuasive with others, and eloquent in speech and communication.

The situation is a natural for self-expression and lends itself to your particular ideas and thoughts. A good conversation with those you love is possible.

An inner sense of warmth and goodness, and the ability to express this. Kind and easy to be with. Perfect taste in literary and artistic matters. Harmonious.

People learn to look at what you do, rather than what you say. Your mind is very, very sharp. The less said the better.