7 Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice. Yoga is not simply an exercise.

Yoga Wiki. We have unique body structures and levels to which we can lean with variety. 

The good news is that the purpose of including yoga in your daily routine is not to achieve the perfect inclination, but to achieve the union between the body, the breath and the mind.

Get ready with these simple tips and stand on your mat with the attitude of a yogi.

1. Breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply or practice ujjai breathing
Ujjai breathing or deep inhalation and exhalation help to relax and maintain posture. You can even use your breath to stretch more during yoga posture (asana). Rest in position and feel the stretch.

2. Respect and honor your yoga practices
Yoga is not simply an exercise. With regular yoga practice you can feel a deeper connection with yourself and others.

3. Win the yogic attitude. Interiorize
7 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Yoga Practice

During yoga practice, breathing exercises with specific rhythms connects us to the body. Keep attention in the place where the stretch is occurring. This connects the body with the mind. The body, the breath and the mind come together in harmony during the practice of yoga.

4. Respect the limits of your own body
Can you get your nose to touch your knee in the forward leaning position? Some can more than others. Then lean as far as you can. Love your body and respect the limits of your own body. You do not have to compare yourself to your neighbor or someone on television.

You do not have to do exactly what the other person is doing. The rule is to stay stable and comfortable in yoga positions (asanas). Do not force too much or exaggerate and not be lazy. Do as much as you can. Comfortable and stably.

5. Meditate
Yoga postures (asanas) prepare you to meditate and meditation gradually deepens your yoga practice. Listen to the guided meditation online and follow the instructions to achieve an effortless meditation.

6. Practice yoga and take yoga to practical life
Can you shake your hand to someone new? Can you stay stable and breathe during pain in difficult situations? (Just as you use your breathing to stabilize difficult postures). Reflect in the 23 hours of life and not only during the hour of yoga practice. This is why yoga is a way of life and not simply an exercise.

7. Notes
Which hand do you use most often? Which foot do you have the tendency to support you more when you are standing? Do you look at your body, use one part of the body more than the other?