3 Tips to get started in Meditation. Meditation is something that all human beings can DO!

Meditation is taking on more strength, it is a training for our mind that dates back thousands of years and makes it clear that a regular practice of meditation can change our lives.

Meditation allows us to develop optimism and self-esteem, through the awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.

Good news: meditation is something that all human beings can do, EVERYONE is able to concentrate, to be attentive to our breathing or to visualize a specific problem without getting involved in it.

We want to contribute our bit to help all those who start in meditation or who already practice it but feel stuck with these simple guidelines:

3 Tips to get started in Meditation. 

1. Start only with 3-5 minutes.
3 Tips to get started in Meditation

As in all self-esteem training, in meditation it is not necessary to spend a great deal of time, the important thing is to be constant. We will gradually increase the time, in the measure in which we improve our concentration.

2. Simple Meditations vs. Complex Meditations

For those days when we notice that our mind has a lot of  "bustle", we recommend simple meditations, such as: attention in breathing, body sensations, sounds ...

For days when our mind is more "fresh", we can venture into more intense meditations And subtle, such as: compassion, love or impermanence.

5. Understand meditation and learn

Although one may think that the object of meditation is to reach a point of concentration such that nothing can distract it, it is important to be aware that the mind has already distracted before. "It is better meditator which is more concentrated, but the more he realizes that the mind has gone."

AND... You may laugh, you may play, but you should maintain meditation!