Types of Yoga. From Agni Yoga to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy & Zen Yoga..

Yoga method is a set of techniques that lead to Samadhi. Yoga style is a form established by a teacher with lineage to convey a method.

Yoga School is a group of people who follow one or several teachers who practice a yoga method or several with certain styles. Specialties in yoga: are techniques aimed at different objectives.

Wiki Types of Yoga

1) Abhava Yoga: Technique of the Yoga of the emotions (development of the Emotional Intelligence). Lineage Puranas.

2) Adhyatma Yoga: Non-dualistic Yoga style based on the science of being.

3) Adi Maha Yoga: Yoga method generated by the author of Yoga Tattva Upanishad (Krishnanatha) called the first integral Yoga, which synthesizes the methods of Hatha, Laya, Mantra and Raja Yoga. The lineage of Patanjali, Nagaland, Svatmarama.

4) Agni Yoga: Synthesis Yoga method that is based on attitude.

5) Anna Yoga: Technique of Yoga of the feeding.

6) Ashtanga Hatha Yoga: Method that integrates Hatha of Goraksha and the Ashtanga of Patanjali, is called thus, to the followers of the proposal of Swatmarama. Swatmarama Lineage.

7) Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Ashtanga Method Style Patanjali Yoga, with Kramajis or dynamic series developed by Yogacharya Sri K. Pattabhi Jois who synthesizes Ashtanga, with Svatmarama Hatha Yoga. Lineage of Patanjali, Natha Muni and Krishnamacharya.

8) Bhakti yoga: Yoga method of devotion. Lineage Krishna and Narada.

9) Bikram Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Ghathasta Yoga and Sports Yoga, developed by Yogiraj Bikram Chaudury. Disciple of Vishnu Charan Gosh, brother of Yogananda. Babaji Lineage, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda and Gosh.

10) Buddhi Yoga: Yoga method of rational and discriminative knowledge. Lineage Krishna and Buddha.

11) Dhyana Yoga: Yoga Method of Meditation. Shiva Lineage.

12) Dwiasanas Yoga: Style of the Hatha Yoga Method, Ghathasta or Sport Yoga which consists of doing Yoga postures of two, developed by several authors, dwi means two, or asanas of two. Lineage of Goraksha, Gheranda and Svatmarama, Swami Asuri Kapila.

13) Ghathasta Vinyasa Yoga: Style of Hatha Yoga Method with kramajis or simple series, developed by several authors that synthesizes Vinyasa Yoga, with Hatha Yoga. Lineage of Goraksha, Gheranda and Svatmarama.

14) Ghathasta Yoga: Method of Yoga of the body, or Sapta Yoga, created by Gheranda. Lineage Matsyendra, Goraksha and Gheranda.

15) Guru Yoga: Tradition of Yoga to have a yogacharya or spiritual master with lineage. And to learn Yoga next to him.

16) Hatha Mantra Yoga: Method of Yoga that synthesizes, Hatha with Mantra Yoga, developed by several authors. Lineage of Matsyendra, Goraksha, Gheranda, Svatmarama, Swami Asuri Kapila

17) Hatha Vinyasa Yoga: Style of the Hatha Yoga Method, with kramajis or simple series, developed by several authors. Synthesizes Vinyasa Yoga with Hatha Yoga. Lineage of Goraksha, Gheranda and Svatmarama.

18) Hiranyagarbha Yoga: Yoga Method and Yoga School, developed by Yogacharya Hiranyagarbha, Patanjali Master, called Raja Yoga. Founder of Yoga and incarnation of Brahma, grandfather of Patanjali.

19) Japa Yoga: Mantra Yoga technique of mantra recitation.

20) Jnana Yoga: Yoga method of knowledge and study. Lineage of Gaudapada, Govindapada and Shankara.

21) Kaivalya Yoga: Yoga practice of moksha and spiritual state of freedom.

22) Karma Yoga: Yoga method of action and correct attitude. Lineage Krishna.

23) Karuna Yoga: Yoga Method of Compassion. Buddhist lineage.

24) Kriya Tantra Yoga: Style of Tantra Yoga, which uses rites of Kriya Tantra or Kriya Yoga. Babaji Shiva Lineage.

25) Kriya Yoga: Yoga method based on rituals. Lineage of Shiva, Babaji and Patanjali.

26) Kundalini Tantra Yoga: Style of the Tantra Yoga Method which is based on the development of Kundalini, focusing on the theory of 49 chakras developed by various authors. Lineage of Matsyendra, Goraksha.

27) Kundalini Yoga: Method of Tantra Yoga that works the 49 chakras and 107 marmas points. Lineage of Shiva, Babaji and Gorakshanath.

28) Laya Yoga: Method of Yoga of intuition and unconscious meditation.

29) Nada yoga: Yoga method of music and inner sound. Lineage Saraswati and Ganesha.

30) Natha Yoga: School of Yoga, created by Yogacharya Matsyendra who developed Tantric Yoga, especially Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Lineage of Shiva, Matsyendra and Gorakshanath.

31) Nidra Yoga: Technique of projection and mental suggestion.

32) Nyasa Yoga: Yoga technique that means mental journey or induction. Tantra Lineage.

33) Okido Yoga: Method Style Zen Yoga, developed by Masahiro Oki in Japan, is an Integral Yoga that emphasizes Zen Buddhist philosophy, using a dynamic style. Lineage of Patanjali, Svatmarama and Bodhidharma.

34) Panchanga Yoga: Yoga style developed by Swami Jyiotirmayananda. Swami Jyiotirmayananda Lineage.

35) Power Vinyasa Yoga: Eclectic style of the Hatha Yoga Method, with kramajis or series developed by several authors. Lineage of Goraksha, Gheranda and Svatmarama.

36) Sarva Maha Yoga: Yoga Method, known as Total Great Yoga. Developed by Swami Asuri Kapila, contemporary of Aurobindo. It is a Method that integrates all methods of Yoga, but emphasizes the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Guru of Swami Asuri Kapila. Lineage of Shankaracharya of Sringeri, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Vishwananda and Aurobindo.

37) Sarva Purna Yoga: Method of Integral Yoga, developed by Fernando Estevez Griego, Swami Maitreyananda, types of yoga, Integral Yoga in Uruguay, which integrates the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo and Sivananda: "We must have in our method the spirituality of Ramana, Aurobindo and the practice of Sivananda. "

38) Sarva Yoga: Yoga Method, known as Total Yoga. Developed by Swami Asuri Kapila contemporary of Aurobindo and co-created by Swami Sevananda. It is a method that integrates all Yoga methods with complete freedom. Shankaracharya Lineage of Sringeri, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Vishwananda, Aurobindo, Swami Maitreyananda.

39) Shadanga Yoga: Hatha Yoga style of the six steps. Created by Yogacharya Goraksha Lineage of Matsyendra and Goraksha

40) Tantra Yoga: It means the practice of the Tantras.

41) Taraka Yoga: Technique of Yoga of light.

42) Rhythmic yoga: Artistic Yoga style characterized by its fluidity, coordination, respiratory rhythm and postural, which follow the music. Mainly, you work synchronously between two or more people. Lineage Nataraj and Swami Maitreyananda.

43) Therapeutic Yoga: Hatha Yoga style aimed at psychophysical and spiritual well-being.

44) Yogatherapy: Method of Therapy or Spiritual Therapy based on psychophysical techniques. It is based on Yoga as a method of spiritual development, which complements medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, therapies in general and especially, psychotherapy and physiotherapy.

45) Ayurvedic Yoga therapy: Yogatherapy style based on Ayurveda.

46) Zen Yoga: Yoga method developed in Japan by several authors. Synthesizes Integral Yoga with Zen Lineage of Patanjali, Svatmarama and Bodhidharma.