The hidden meaning of precious stones: Sapphires and Emerald. Wisdom & happiness.

Sapphires: blue is its most characteristic tonality, although it can be found in other colors, such as yellow, green or violet.

The best-known specimen of this type is perhaps the star-shaped one and was found in India (valued at 400 karats).

Like the ruby, it belongs to the Corundom family. Its distinctive feature is its intense blue color; Although there are sapphires of other tonalities, the most valued and appreciated is the blue sapphire.

To any corundum of color other than red is called sapphire. Like the ruby, the blue sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

Its rarity increases daily, as many of the sapphire deposits are currently depleted, and those that are discovered can not meet the demand.

We will dedicate an article exclusively to this gemstone.
esoteric hidden meaning of precious stones Sapphires and Emerald

Sapphires represent protection, fidelity, sincerity, wisdom, peace, friendship, spirituality, etc.

Emerald: its name comes from the Greek "smaragds", from which the French were inspired to denominate it as we do it now.

Its fame goes back thousands of years in the past, they were discovered for the first time in Egypt although presently the most prized they come from Colombia.

So special they consider that the jewelers themselves created a special cut for her, with the name of the gem. Its name comes from the Persian. Its meaning is "green stone".

The emerald has always been highly valued, since, although there were other green stones, the only crystal was the emerald.

At present, we know other crystalline stones of green color, but none of them is comparable in color and transparency to the emerald.

Only thirty percent of the emeralds mined in the mines are carved for commercialization in jewelry, and of these only in two percent of them are no inclusions to the naked eye.

Hence, its rarity and high market value in the market.

Emerald presence is associated with well-being, happiness, good luck, fidelity, etc.