Relationship Advice: What to do if your partner asks for time and space?

Has he asked you for a little time and space and got you by surprise? There are no magic formulas to deal with a couple crisis, but there are several key tips to keep in mind.

By their very nature and necessary development, relationships change and evolve over time.

Everything progresses towards a higher level of commitment, intimacy and trust and this new framework may surprise those who had assumed that everything would be laughs and passions forever and ever, or who simply does not feel prepared to keep taking steps forward.

When one of the two asks for the time the result of the whole process is always uncertain.

So, let's not go beyond alarmist because just as a crisis does not necessarily end in rupture, a time of separation either.

If that is your desire you have no choice but to respect the distance you have clearly requested but from a few minimums: on the one hand you deserve an explanation because you have bet on that relationship at 50% just like him and, on the other hand, you should not Allowing "asking for time" to become a useful strategy to pressure the slightest conflict.

Beware of reinforcing the character of the excessively avoidant or excessively immature and repeatedly succumb to their immediate will.

Nor is it reasonable for uncertainty to become indefinite torture. Neither you nor any other woman deserves anything like that.

Listen to your complaints about what was not going well for him, prepare your own proposals and carefully reflect on whether you want to go where he asks or if the course that satisfies you is another.

Do not sacrifice yourself because you will end up generating feelings of guilt and do not promise changes that you do not want to fulfill or that you are not able to carry out because you will be simply delaying a rupture already announced.

You may have mistaken your project and the relationship may not prosper: nothing will happen, you are human.

Or you may be over-alarmed and your request involves only a time of reflection and change (which, on the other hand, every couple needs at various times in their life).

Wait (only a reasonable time), listen, propose solutions and do not hesitate to apply those that are possible and necessary.