LIBRA March 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: Dedication and hard work are needed.

Monthly astrology LIBRA, March 2017 You are mentally alert and capable of quick thinking and good decisions.

Therefore this transit obviously favours any project involving learning, writing or teaching. Contracts also may be beneficial under this influence.

Fortunately the effects of this transit are that you should eventually reap the benefit of the hard work. With a little patience and understanding you will soon be enjoying your friends and loved ones again.

You may meet a particular person, or take up with a new group of people. Either way this connection could help you expand your horizons in life. This can have a positive effect on your life as long as you recognise the opportunities, and do not pass them up.

LIBRA March 2017 lucky days: 5, 10, 13
LIBRA March 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

LIBRA Marc 2017 unlucky days: 6, 17, 22

March 2017 LIBRA monthly horoscope zone You should keep your focus on your dreams. You should have willpower and try to keep an eye on your goals.

You should be flexible to handle difficulties and adversities in different ways. In this period you show rapid self-improvement and growth.

You must be careful not to become too self-centered since this attitude will only harm you.

This is the time when you face the consequences for the things that you have neglected, since you have been irresponsible and self-indulgent in your previous life.

Dedication and hard work are needed to take charge of the things and come to terms with life. You will have to show patience, be calm and composed to start from the beginning.

Forecast LIBRA monthly horoscope March 2017 You will enjoy great originality this month and you will be very productive in your work thanks to this capacity.

In particular, you will be very much given to the artistic activities and you will enjoy a great sensitivity in everything that has to do with the design, especially the first week of January, which is when Venus will be in your sign.

You will also feel very comfortable in jobs that have to do with fashion, beauty or aesthetics. By the end of the month you could decide to start a new business or try a new and unexpected business venture.