Learn to Meditate with OM: The Sound of the Universe. Protection and abundance in our life.

"The syllable OM is the universe. Everything that exists in the past, present and future is OM. And what exists beyond this triple division of time is OM. " Manduky Upanishad.

The OM is the most important and meaningful word of the Mantra tradition. It is considered as the root mantra of all mantras. In most Mantras, the OM is found.

Mantras are words or phrases (not prayers) usually in Sanskrit, which are recited aloud or internally. Mantras are repeated a number of times for a specific purpose, and because of the rhythm and vibration they produce, they have the power to focus the mind and motivate changes.

As we repeat and focus on the mantra, our mind has no space or time for other thoughts and thus we are able to relax and meditate more deeply.

The mantra Om is the mantra of the original sound of the universe.

Learn to Meditate with OM The Sound of the Universe

Of all the mantras to meditate, the OM will possibly be the best known.

Really the mantra OM pronounces: AUM

The AUM consists of four elements: A, U, M and the fourth element that is SILENCE.
  • The first sound is A, which is pronounced as an extended "AHAHHH"
  • The second sound is U, which is pronounced as an extended "OOOO"
  • The third sound is M, and is pronounced like a prolonged "MMMM" with the front teeth touching gently.
The last element is the deep silence of the Infinite. When you say it, you close your lips, which is like closing the door of the outside world and turning us into ourselves.

The Om mantra is pronounced to find peace, protection, and abundance in our life.

Singing the OM mantra for 15 minutes a day can have a remarkable effect on you. This mantra will help you calm the mind, calm the process of thinking and realize your BEING.

In addition, vibrations and rhythmic pronunciation also have a physical effect on the body, since it slows down the nervous system and calms the mind, an effect similar to meditation.

When the mind relaxes, blood pressure decreases, improving the health of your heart.

For meditation, it helps concentration and contemplation, providing an opportunity for divine meditation. Through mental, it is possible to separate the thoughts from part of our consciousness that performs perception.