Horoscope Dragon month 2017 April 5 - May 4: Compulsive relationships.

Horoscope forecast Dragon month 2017 April 5 - May 4 You are leaving behind childhood and reviewing your life through new, more mature eyes.

During this time your past comes under close scrutiny. You are being forced, whether you like it or not, to face life with a new maturity.

Any old patterns that have developed or any walls that have been built over past years need to be broken down and reconstructed more positively.

Not all relationships will survive the rigours of this time, but those that do will be stronger and healthier.

Your personality may become focused on the issues of money and material possessions during this period of time.
Chinese Horoscope Dragon month 2017 April 5 - May 4

You are on a path of transformation of your attitude toward the material, and your values in general. Issues of insecurity may arise at this time.

Chinese Horoscope oracle Dragon month 2017 April 5 - May 4 Your partner may consciously or sub-consciously cause you pain during this time, through their actions or expectations.

As a result you are prompted to delve deeply within yourself to heal past wounds which have stood in the way of intimacy.

This is a painful process, but one that ultimately leads to a more honest relationship, particularly if you can face your own wounds honestly.

Your creative energy may also be blocked at this time, as energy is diverted for exploring psychological issues.

Deep-rooted issues that come to the surface also affect your values as well, and there may be changes in what you value or how conscious you are of the importance different values have in your life, and what relative priority you assign to them

Horoscope zone reading Dragon month 2017 April 5 - May 4 You will have a very good form this month, with strength and with great desire to do things and develop your physical abilities.

Possibly you will practice a lot of sport and you will enjoy a lot with the practice of swimming or those sports that are individual. You will not be much given to the competition these days.

You may have opportunities during this transit to make changes in your professional life. These changes may be chances for a new career or sudden opportunities to improve your status.