February 2017, Aquarius in the month of the Tiger! Free Monthly Horoscopes of love and fortune.

We are already in the month of the Tiger that in the Chinese horoscope extends from 19/20 January to 19/20 February and coincides with the zodiacal sign Aquarius!

However, this does not necessarily imply that all natives of Aquarius are of the Chinese sign of the Tiger or all of that sign.

This year Tiger Month also coincides with the start of the Year of the Rooster on January 28.

The Aquarius in the Month of the Tiger You are full of illusions. Your love life is drawing gratefully in your sentimental panorama and you feel more confident of your emotions and in control of your present, but your impulsivity could take you out of your center.

This month you conquer new friends and if you leave aside the pessimistic tone and approach social relations with a more festive and relaxed tone you will increase your personal grace and this will help you a lot when starting a business with others or a new relationship.

February 2017 Aquarius in the month of the Tiger

This month of the Tiger emphasizes your loving compatibility with the Serpent.

Opportunities to take advantage of this month: Shopping you can do saving money. In love the possibility of forgiving and forgetting something that may have hurt you in the past, but which now is remedied.

Dangers you should avoid: Arrogance and intransigence. Not being able to flexibilizarte and want to get your way at all costs. A feeling of resentment or desire for revenge.

During this month the Tiger avoids going to sleeping pills because sleep should not be induced with medicines or sleeping pills that create habits.

If you have difficulties treat other more natural means, consult a specialist, but do not depend on the pills. With certain appropriate changes you will do much more.