Astro Wiki Melissa Benoist birth chart & personality traits. Libra sign.

Wiki. Melissa Benoist ( born October 4, 1988;  Littleton, Colorado) is an American actress and singer. Aside from her role on "Glee", she has appeared in a number of television series, including Homeland (2011), The Good Wife (2009) and "Law & Order".

Melissa Benoist played the same character (Kara Danvers/Supergirl) on four different television series: Supergirl (2015), The Flash (2014), Arcasul (2012), and Legends of Tomorrow (2016).

Celebrity astrology: Melissa Benoist birth chart horoscope. Libra sign.

You have an inquisitive mind, coupled with the urge to learn and to gather facts or information. You are curious about philosophy and religion; however your interest may be superficial or purely intellectual.

A talent for speaking and writing, or media work is possible. You enjoy company and have an active social life.
Wiki Melissa Benoist birth chart and personality traits

You have an open mind and are interested in many things - often all at once!

You are motivated by the urge to learn and extend your general knowledge, and are especially interested in philosophy, religion, spiritual subjects and education. You could succeed as a teacher, mediator, communicator or commentator.

You interact with others emotionally and are generally non-confrontational. Innately creative and imaginative, you have an appreciation of the arts, music and nature.

You occasionally need to take "time out" by retreating into yourself, or by spending time in seclusion.

Melissa Benoist personality traits
  • Logic, technical detail, mental concentration, research:  85
  • Philosophy, politics, education, religion: 96
  • Psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature:   112
  • Originality and inventiveness:   120
  • Argumentativeness and aggressive in speech. Decisive and impatient: 97
  • Romantic. Need for a mate. Inclination to fall deeply in love:   124
  • Nurturing, family-oriented, domestic, devotional, supportive:   88
  • Emotional reserve and aloofness. Personal detachment, seriousness:  125
  • Child-like exuberance, lightness of mood, and sense of humor:   111
  • Impatience, tendency to anger. Feisty, headstrong, aggressive:   90
  • Diligent, patient effort. Ability to successfully finish tasks:   121
A score above 150 is very high
A score from 125 to 150 is above average
A score of around 100 (75 to 125) is average
A score from 50 to 75 is below average.
A score below 50 is very low