Astro Wiki Josephine Skriver birth chart & personality traits. Astrology Aries sign.

Wiki. Josephine Skriver (born April 14, 1993; Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish fashion model. She is a Victoria's Secret Angel and since her modeling debut in 2011.

Skriver's debut season was Fall/Winter 2011, during which she opened for Alberta Ferretti and closed for Prada.

That season, she also walked for many other prominent designers, like Calvin Klein, rag and bone, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, DKNY and Christian Dior.

Since 2013, Josephine Skriver has been in a relationship with American singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of The Cab, Alexander DeLeon. They modeled together in a fashion spread for Elle Italia in July 2014.

Celebrity astrology: Josephine Skriver birth chart & personality traits. Aries sign.
Josephine Skriver birth chart & personality traits forecast

You are dramatic and assertive, also creative, self-confident and more than a bit self-indulgent. You also have great energy, courage, and honesty and are very proud.

Your challenge is to become more aware of yourself; to refrain from arrogance and egotism, and rather to develop humility and compassion, and to learn detachment in the gift of your affections.

You may dream of giving everything up, and moving to the country. These feelings may also spill over into deep issues regarding your core values, that which defines you in terms of what you choose to support and give credence to in the world.

You may feel at sea in this area, and not on stable ground, and perhaps be envious of other people who seem more sure of what they do and don’t find attractive.

These ambivalent feelings toward material possessions and your values may find their roots in experiences from early childhood, in which you were criticized or otherwise had painful experiences around what you wanted for yourself, independently from the expectations of your parents or other significant formative persons in your early life.

Josephine Skriver personality traits forecast
  • Logic, technical detail, mental concentration, research:  75
  • Philosophy, politics, education, religion: 111
  • Psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature:   98
  • Originality and inventiveness:  102
  • Argumentativeness and aggressive in speech. Decisive and impatient: 912
  • Romantic. Need for a mate. Inclination to fall deeply in love:   87
  • Nurturing, family-oriented, domestic, devotional, supportive:   99
  • Emotional reserve and aloofness. Personal detachment, seriousness: 103
  • Child-like exuberance, lightness of mood, and sense of humor:   95
  • Impatience, tendency to anger. Feisty, headstrong, aggressive:   101
  • Diligent, patient effort. Ability to successfully finish tasks:   92
A score above 150 is very high
A score from 125 to 150 is above average
A score of around 100 (75 to 125) is average
A score from 50 to 75 is below average.
A score below 50 is very low