2017 Love Horoscope Water Rat & Wood Rabbit: You are fascinated with one another.

2017 Love Horoscope Water Rat man & Wood Rabbit female A Rat soul cannot live without passion so the detached Rabbit can leave the Rat feeling empty and abandoned.

The Rabbit female is not as invested in the relationship as his Rat partner, so he often ends up becoming the artful dodger.

The sentimental water Rat is so vulnerable to her soul mate the wood Rabbit that this tender soul may sacrifice her finances on love’s altar.

There is nothing too good or too costly for her beloved Rabbit.

Water Rat maintains high standards for themselves as well as others. They are gregarious, socially adept, and possess a quick-witted sense of humor.

Personal expression is essential to the Wood Rabbit, and because of this, they are active participants in life.
2017 Love Compatibility Horoscope Water Rat and Wood Rabbit

The connection between you is very significant and personal; however, your individual and relationship aspirations are quite different and, at times, at cross-purposes with one another.

You sometimes clash over family and domestic matters.

You find it easy being affectionate with each other and it is obvious that you love one another deeply.

Chinese Love Horoscope 2017 Water Rat & Wood Rabbit You tend to like the same things in others and share similar artistic and cultural interests.

You appear happy and content with each other.

The attraction between you is intense and close to being obsessive. You are fascinated with one another and may even feel that you have a pre-destined connection.

You are together because you both desire a deep and fulfilling relationship.

As a lover, the Rat man is sensitive, charming, and capable of uncommon tenderness and good manners.

The early stages of romantic love make him feel vibrantly alive like nothing else.

Anxious for ecstasy and an expert in the art of lovemaking, he knows how to keep his lover’s interest.