VIRGO February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: Your love relationships could undergo some stress.

Forecast VIRGO monthly horoscope February 2017 You may experience flashes of insight, or moments of great excitement as new ideas break through to your conscious awareness.

Relations with friends or associates may alter due to new patterns of communication with them. This can be very unsettling to your peace of mind. This influence is typically abrupt and full of rapidly developing insights.

You are more purposeful and serious regarding your goals right now, and find that the way that your life has been structured up to now must change.

This is not a time for escapist fantasies, or rationalizations; this is a time for facing squarely the past and its implications for your continued growth in the present.

February 2017 VIRGO monthly horoscope zone This can be a fairly beneficial transit, in that prudence tends to be the keyword for you right now.
VIRGO February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

Unless there are contradictory influences elsewhere, both transit-wise and in terms of planetary positions, this could be a good time for secure investments.

Also, you should be more able to accept commitment and duty as a necessary function for personal growth.

You will enjoy good health, however, by the middle of the month you could suffer some discomfort due to certain overloads or excesses in your body.

So, if you eat too much, it will not be strange that you begin to suffer severe stomach pains and that it costs you to digest the food well.

Monthly astrology VIRGO , February 2017 Your love relationships could undergo some stress during this transit.

Somehow, you might be driven to test how open and how far you can extend your relationship with someone, particularly with an intimate partner.

Flirting or expressing an appreciation for something off the wall are some of ways in which you might act.

People will listen to you and take you into account at work meetings. Even so, keep in mind that there may also be some difficulties with bosses or other authority figures in your work environment.

Your bosses might even feel a bit threatened or disowned by you.