The children learn to relax before meditation. Beginner meditation technique.

A wonderful waterfall of white light is flowing down on you. It flows down to your head, helping your head to relax.

You feel your head relaxing. It goes down over your neck and shoulders. Your neck and shoulders are relaxing. Now it flows down over your arms.

You feel your arms relaxing. It flows down your back. Your back is letting go and relaxing. It flows over your chest and stomach, helping your chest and stomach relax.

You feel your chest and stomach relax. It moves down over your legs and feet. You feel your legs and feet letting go and relaxing.

The beautiful waterfall of white light is flowing over your whole body. You are very tranquil and relaxed.
children must learn to relax before meditation

Imagine that you are a lotus seed buried beneath a muddy lotus pond. There is mud all around you, and you can feel them clearly.

Above you, above this muddy pool of dirt, mud and filth, are sunlight and air.

You are not disheartened as you begin your journey towards the surface. With a firm heart, you begin to wiggle in the earth. You grow roots deep, deep into the mud.

Your little stem grows up slowly. Suddenly, “pop” you are out of the mud! Your stem grows higher and higher, taller and taller.

You rise up gradually, fighting against the muddy water. All of a sudden, you are out of the muddy pond!

You reach up towards the warm sun, shining down on you. Your lotus bud begins to grow on top of your stem. It expands and grows larger and larger, finally bursting into full bloom. A white lotus flower.

You stand gracefully above the muddy water, not dirtied by the mud from which you grow. You are
white, fragrant and beautiful.

Everybody who saw you marveled at your beauty! Your confidence to grow out of the muddy pond reminds them of the Buddha and his journey towards Enlightenment.

The Buddha, like a lotus, is determined to grow out of the muddy surroundings, that is the defilements and sufferings of life.

He has done all that is to be done and he is showing us that we can all do it too. We may have defilements but we all have the potential of growing out of our defilements and achieving wisdom,
like the Buddha.

You are a beautiful white lotus flower, and your role is to remind people to rise above their defilements and misery, just as you are rising above the muddy water and not dirtied by the mud from which you grow.