SCORPIO February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: Your imagination is very active now.

February 2017 SCORPIO monthly horoscope zone During this period you may experience an underlying uncertainty regarding your direction in life and professional circumstances.

Positively, you can make career decisions and choices based on intuition, and you are currently suited to professions that help or are of service to others.

This transit requires that you view your emotional and romantic connections more seriously and realistically; including new affairs and established unions.

You need to put your feelings to one side and coolly assess each of your relationships on their merit.

Monthly astrology SCORPIO , February 2017 This transit, which lasts about two to three years, represents a period of time when there are difficulties or restrictions (and also emphasis) in your home life and the expression of your feelings.
SCORPIO February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

You also may feel the need to restructure your family ties during this period.

You could also be apt to withdraw from close emotional involvements, or there could be some renewed concerns or difficulties with analyzing the parental care and guidance you received in your early years.

Your imagination is very active now. You must be sure to weigh carefully the unsettling concepts that come up for you at this time, for although they speak a new truth to you, they may also exaggerate either the up side or the down side during this period.

Forecast SCORPIO monthly horoscope February 2017 Your creative capabilities are enhanced at this time and you could enjoy artistic successes.

Your social life will be more active now and there may be opportunities for romance too.

You could be susceptible to infections and the effects of intoxicants or certain medicines.

If you notice your vitality is lower than usual, a check-up may be in order.

Spiritually, this can be a very enriching time, particularly if you are generally quite self-possessed and secure.

You will also have more energy for all kinds of creative projects.