SAGITTARIUS February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: You have an excess of energy to burn at the moment.

February 2017 SAGITTARIUS monthly horoscope zone Obstacles seem to stand in the path of your true vocation and you are feeling quite emotional.

Although it is possible that events or people are indeed blocking your road to success, it is also possible that you need to slow down and reassess your ambitions.

It is important that your ambitions are based on integrity and your true purpose rather than ego-centred pursuits.

On the personal front, you can expect to relate well to people; you will seem to have an instinct for others' needs.
SAGITTARIUS February 2017 monthly horoscope zone

Women, in particular, can be beneficial in your life at the moment. This is one of the best times for traveling overseas, or having visitors from far-off places come to stay.

Monthly astrology SAGITTARIUS, February 2017 Careful consideration of your direction in life is the key to this period.

Rather than surging ahead with new projects and plans, you are being asked to face your responsibilities for incomplete activities.

This is a time of recognition only. You might test the boundaries of your known world and feel a certain amount of frustration at having your wings clipped.

Forecast SAGITTARIUS monthly horoscope February 2017  The changes forced upon you at this time can be difficult and painful.

This is a stressful time which is ultimately productive of far-reaching reorganization, as you feel yourself directly challenged by inner processes that seem about to overwhelm your fragile ego.

Compulsive or control-oriented behavior that normally lies beneath the surface of your conscious awareness may come up for you right now.

You have an excess of energy to burn at the moment. There is a tendency to act impulsively and rashly now, which can lead to accidents, injuries or conflicts with other people.