LIBRA February 2017 monthly horoscope zone: You can't change anything by force.

LIBRA monthly horoscope February 2017 It's time to face the truth. No matter how painful this might be, you cannot hide. It is common for areas of our lives to become stale.

Inside we have changed and grown, but our external circumstances have not yet caught up. Now is the time of recognition.

This is a time during which you feel frustrated in your attempts to follow your heart's ambitions.

It could be that you simply feel that your true talents are not being fully used or, alternatively, that your attempts to take a new course in life are being delayed.

You are mentally alert and capable of quick thinking and good decisions. Therefore this transit obviously favours any project involving learning, writing or teaching.
LIBRA February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

February 2017 LIBRA monthly horoscope zone You personal goals and desires should take a backseat and you should be more thoughtful about the welfare of others.

This is a high time to involve yourself in different social activities. You can't change anything by force.

In this month you will get greater personal as well as professional responsibilities. You will show concern for family, loved ones, and close friends.

You will have to make various adjustments in your life, or sacrifices for your near and dear ones.

You might be successful at many major accomplishments this year, but it is rather the time to make adjustments to your existing plans that may be necessary or required, and for finishing ongoing projects.

Monthly astrology LIBRA , February 2017  This is a period when you value your freedom and expansion.

You will travel go to different places, meet many new and interesting people, have many interesting experiences, and thus get a good deal of knowledge about the world.

You will be gaining knowledge from the varied experiences you go through. Your communication skills are increased to a great deal and you converse with people with ease.