Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017. Love and money astrology forecast Libra to Pisces

Weekly free horoscope for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Astrology forecast for love, health and money.

Libra Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 You are in for a rough time, as structures of your life that had previously supported you come crashing down around your head, and you are forced into transformations far more massive than anything you would have anticipated.

There is always pain surrounding changes of this magnitude, and you are well advised to "go with the flow" at this time, as difficult as that may be, and just let it happen.

Scorpio Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 This is a good week for a soaking dip with salts and pampering your feet. If you spend even half an hour relaxing in a hot tub and rest your mind and body with natural treatments you will feel great.
Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 Libra to Pisces

Sagittarius Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 Relationship energy, represented by Venus, comes into your conscious awareness for these few days, and you are more sympathetic than usual to your fellow man.

You also have a heightened artistic perception, and this love of beauty will enhance your appreciation of your surroundings.

Capricorn Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 It is a very interesting and productive conversation with a licensed person or with deep knowledge about economic issues and the ideas that you can use to implement your own business and earn more money. There is an important meeting on the way.

Aquarius Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 You may feel restless and desire to make changes in the way that you direct your life's actions toward your goals.

These may be changes that have been brewing for a long time, and are only now coming into your awareness, giving you the ability to act on them. You may be impulsive than usual under this influence.

Pisces Horoscope Week of January 15, 2017 Friends or children will make you feel a little emotional, and you may even feel like crying for no apparent reason.

You may become restless and moody.  Try not to let this affect you or your loved ones too much.  Go and visit friends or places of interest.