Dominomancy oracle 2017: knowing the future through dominoes. Aries to Virgo.

The dominomancy is a divining method of future through twenty-eight dominoes. This board game was invented in China a thousand years ago, although it was in the seventeenth century and thanks to the Italians, when it began to spread throughout the West as we know it today with its 28 double and rectangular tiles.

There are different ways to use it: to ask a quick question whose answer is yes or no, or to know what awaits us in the period of one year from the date we do it.

Aries Dominomancy oracle 2017 A quiet year in which you will not have to work hard because you can live from the efforts of the past.

You will continue to have a good position that will allow you to make several very satisfactory trips. You will be at risk of catching colds.
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An emotional crisis can cause a relationship to either crumble or deepen.

Taurus Dominomancy oracle 2017 You can  understand life's  deeper secrets if you're willing to expand  your mind  and keep it open to new  ideas.

Financial benefits may come through taxes, insurance, or legacy.

Be aware that overestimating yourself is a distinct possibility. Also, if you’re religious, you may experience a crisis of faith.

Gemini Dominomancy oracle 2017 If you are single, this year will be when you stop being so.

You will find the love of your life and with it you will learn to put aside all that worries you and you will be deeply happy.

Cancer Dominomancy oracle 2017 Progress can be made in business and professional affairs, especially regarding law, politics, education, religion, and travel.

A certain seriousness toward career and life direction is evident. Emotional uncertainty, the urge to escape, and unfamiliar obsessions may afflict you.

Leo Dominomancy oracle 2017 Perfect year to start new studies or expand the ones you already have.

You could get a better position in the company as a result of them. In economics, you must control your expenses until that moment arrives.

Virgo Dominomancy oracle 2017 You will go to change of house or to make important reforms in yours.

Your situation in love may be influenced by the agitated of your social life. You will need to pay attention to circulatory disorders.