Ceres the dwarf planet ends its retrograde transit There are changes in your economic life!

Astro Wiki The transit of the planet Ceres has come to an end, let yourself be surprised with the changes that will bring to your economy and work.

Ceres? You may not have heard much about Ceres, the dwarf planet, but within the astrological predictions is very important and although it is not constantly mentioned as is the case of the other planets, the Moon and the Sun, is taken into account before writing a prediction.

Like Pluto, Ceres is considered a dwarf planet as it lies within the so-called asteroid belt, a region of the Solar System located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Something curious, it is the only dwarf planet whose trajectory is completely within the orbit of Neptune.

Aries 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

With the transit of Ceres you feel different effluvia in your life that inspire you to do what you did not dare to do, new incentives arise that change your sentimental panorama.
2017 forecast Ceres the dwarf planet ends its retrograde transit

Under the influence of Ceres direct you will experience a new sensation in your sexual relationship if you have a stable partner, you will discover something new, a secret point that until now you had not defined.

Taurus 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

Although the money is not coming to you in the way you want it already, there are signs that suggest an increase in your purchasing power and economic liquidity. Do not despair if you are in financial difficulties, everything will be solved.

Gemini 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

If you are single, and you do not have any type of commitment now, wait a little before making decisions because this transit also tends to be somewhat impatient. The best? Do not opt for the first thing that comes up but be patient, in the best Gemini style.

Cancer 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

Due to the transit of Ceres in the impulsive sign and its influence with Mercury, your regent, in these last days of the year you will be somewhat susceptible to the comments of others due to the retrograde traffic that begins on the 13th, and if you come with a gossip of your partner could be a victim of deception or malice.

Do not make the problems and do not let yourself be influenced by anyone. Trust your Inner Self, in your intuitions.

Leo 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

The planetary position creates a kind of passive resistance to your projects. To achieve your goals you must apply your social tact and persuasion skills with your peers.

In another order of things you will be very active, awake and always ready to act with the mental agility that characterizes your Leo sign.

Virgo 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

The direct impact of Ceres on the fire element associated with the new year that will occur towards the end of the year will have more social tact in everything you do, Virgo, because you want these everywhere at the same time and that is not possible. Follow your hunches if you feel uncomfortable in a money management that does not work.

Libra 2017 Forecast  the transit of the planet Ceres

A timely withdrawal can save you future economic losses and during this cycle your sixth sense will guide you in everything.

If you have a business partner and do not inspire confidence, put an end to this negotiation! You are about to receive a surprise: an old promise of love will be made in a few days. The end of the year promises the best.