Astro Wiki. The Geminids arrive, the rain of stars that prepares your sign for 2017!

Wiki. The Geminid meteor shower can be annually observed between December 4 and December 17, with its peak activity being around December 14. 

The shower owes its name to the constellation Gemini from where the meteors seem to emerge from in the sky.

Although we call them stars are actually fragments of the asteroid Phaeton known as "the son of the Sun" because it is very likely to be the result of a comet extinct centuries ago when passing near our star.

The rains of stars acquire singular relevance in Astrology when interpreting their meanings according to your zodiacal sign and above all for being so close to the end of the year, indicating the change that we are always waiting for good, when a new stage begins .

The last rain of stars of the year arrives, astrology tells you how it will affect your sign.
Geminid the rain of stars forecast oracle for 2017

Aries 2017 Oracle Your ability to deceive yourself (or to allow yourself to be deceived) is at a peak during this vaguely mystifying transit.

Though your confidence may waver, sometimes wandering in the wilderness is all you can do. You’re looking for a more compassionate sense of self.

Taurus 2017 meteor shower Oracle The passage of the Geminids during these days directly influences your intellectual level, Taurus.

You have very sharpened your common sense and your intuition because there are aspects of your conductor, Venus, direct, with the Moon that creates unique scenarios within your affective reality.

Gemini 2017 meteor shower Oracle You are in a cycle of positive sentimental loving realization. Distance does not have to mean forgetting, but rather can strengthen your relationship when you both discover how much you need and complement in life.

This final cycle of the year that already is at the gates predicts an intense stage, where the meetings acquire a passionate and sensual dimension.

Cancer 2017 meteor shower Oracle By focusing on your progress toward your goals, you will come to new realizations about yourself that can be quite valuable in the months ahead.

You may also find yourself in conflict with others, during this period of time. It is natural with your outer-directed energies being frustrated to lash out at other people as a method of letting off steam.

Leo 2017 meteor shower Oracle With this good combination you will counteract the emotionality and you can say what you should without making a mistake. That way you will not compromise a loving relationship and enjoy your relationship with more placidness.

Maintain serenity in the face of an embarrassing situation in your work. Your presence of mind will avoid setbacks and you will stand out as a sensible and responsible person. You will be recognized and respected.

Virgo 2017 meteor shower Oracle You have better access to your emotions than usual, making it a good time for communication between yourself and an intimate partner.

You will be able to express what you truly feel and that is important for achieving rapport. Since you have such immediate access to your mental process, you will also be better equipped to deal with friends and associates, and especially the public.

Libra 2017 meteor shower Oracle You feel, and are, very powerful today. You are embued with a force that can really bring new changes into your life.

Some of this energy may be related to a situation involving your will against the will of another, but right now, you are a force to be reckoned with.