AQUARIUS February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast: smallest thing can set off an emotional reaction.

February 2017 AQUARIUS monthly horoscope zone During this period of time, lasting about two and a half years, you feel a great urge toward security, centered in the material plane.

At this time, the material world can be of big importance than usual for you.

You may lay the groundwork for financial security, or you may express a need for nice surroundings or cling to personal things. You truly enjoy the familiarity and security of home at this time.

You, or someone in your environment, may be more moody or irritable than usual now. The smallest thing can set off an emotional reaction.

Tread carefully and be aware of the feelings of those around you, especially family members.
AQUARIUS February 2017 monthly horoscope forecast zone

Monthly astrology AQUARIUS, February 2017 Your mind is razor sharp and your powers of comprehension are second to none now.

But, if you're in too much of a rush to get things done, you risk making mistakes and wrong decisions. Sudden arguments are likely to flare up.

Your emotions are likely to run hot and cold during this period, which may cause people to wonder what to expect from one moment to the next.

There is a potential for arguments and disagreements.

In the middle of the month you could have the chance to put yourself in charge of a professional project that is very important for you.

You will have to watch over taking over responsibilities, as you may then find yourself a bit overwhelmed with work.

Forecast AQUARIUS monthly horoscope February 2017 You have a strong desire, even a compulsion, to be seen on some form of public stage, to share your unique sensibility with others and move them or enlighten them in some way.

Yet, again and again, you find yourself thwarted in your attempts to shine.

You may appear shy, or feel awkward in the presence of other people. You may have had painful experiences in your formative years in which you were put down or been made to feel insecure.

You are full of nervous energy, but it is the type that can help you accomplish more.

New  and exciting opportunities may come about today through  travel,  conversations with  others, or through distinct reading material. Go exploring.