2017 Personality Traits horoscope zone: The battle between opposing feelings of signs.

Every sign is in a constant battle against a pair of opposing feelings. 

2017 Personality Traits Astrology ARIES: Courage Vs. temerity

Many people confuse courage and courage with temerity. The first is positive, it helps us to deal decisively with any difficulty that comes before us, but recklessness is negative, it consists in boasting, in putting life in danger in vain.

As that rude person who by becoming "Number One" irresponsibly drives his car at high speed on a road and laughs at others who ask him not to put his life at risk, calling them "cowards." The brave man or woman is intelligent, the reckless is foolish.

2017 Personality Traits Astrology TAURUS: Persistence vs. laziness

Your sign knows to be patient, to wait and to do things with equanimity, without precipitation, which is a marvelous quality to achieve stable and reliable results, but this magnificent virtue should not be confused with laziness, or the excess of comfort that often tends to apply the "law of least effort".
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As a consequence you gain weight for lack of exercises, or you expect so much to do something that slows down those who expect a quick response in situations that require immediate decisions without much delay.

2017 Personality Traits Astrology  GEMINI: Ingenio vs. superficiality

Geminis have great mental agility and quickness of mind. They understand the instructions immediately and have great ease of speech and communication of ideas.

They are excellent journalists and brilliant speakers. Now, when they use that great ease of speech not to stop talking day and night exhausting to the weariness of their partner.

Or those who can not stand being with someone who "does not know to be a minute with the mouth closed" then they become vain, superficial and with such a speech they begin to comment and murmur. One thing is intelligent and pleasant talk, and another is the interminable chatter of those who do not know how to shut up, when everyone around them is looking forward to it!

2017 Personality Traits Astrology CANCER: Sensitivity vs. sentimentality

Here we have two aspects of something similar. Sensitivity is what helps us to put ourselves in the place of others, in respecting human beings, animals, plants, the environment in general, noble causes, helping the helpless, can balance the compassion, which is a Noble feeling, dispossessed of selfishness.

Sentimentality, however, it is lamenting and not take action. A sensitive attitude, one might say, is assumed by someone who is driving and sees in the street a dove that fell from the nest, then stops the car, stops the traffic, leaves, picks up the popcorn and puts it safely on a safe side.

The corny attitude would be to do nothing, to follow long and to cry for "the poor little popcorn" that fell from the nest and exclaim "I can not see that, what sadness gives me".

2017 Personality Traits Astrology LEO: Generosity vs. arrogance

Being generous, selflessly helping others is a regal, royal sign, as it corresponds to Leo.

When this is done in this way the human gesture is appreciated in all its extension and no one feels humiliated when receiving it.

The opposite happens when you make a show of that generosity or the person becomes proud, arrogant, haughty, thinking that having a certain position or money is absolutely right and protects the right to humiliate others, or when you squander the goods to be generous, that is, "to be very generous with the money of others."