2017 Fashion astrology. Your ideal look according to your sign: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio.

2017 Fashion horoscope forecast for Aries The natives of this sign are characterized by having a natural air, do not usually pay much attention to their clothes, they treat their body as an extension of their genuine mind.

Aries you're a beautiful woman who just needs a few tweaks to be great. Give volume to your hair or take care of your curls, kill them with light colors and create a dreamy mane.

For your features you will look good hair loose, pick up some wicks in a few trunks unmade, will give a very sensual touch.

2017 Fashion horoscope forecast for Taurus Taurus you are pure energy. Your strength is perceived with just one look, you emit an unusual vibration.

To favor your main physical characteristics you will be very good tones of copper hair, as they will highlight even more your skin and your features.
2017 Fashion astrology Your ideal look according to your sign
2017 fashion guide according to zodiac 

You'll be fine wearing a half mane or collected that drop some tuft on the face, to sweeten the face.

2017 Fashion horoscope forecast for Leo The natives of this sign are characterized by their discretion, they often prevent them from appearing in them, although that does not prevent them from always being great.

You do not like radical changes, you hate them more, you have a conservative mane since you remember.

It's time to change, your best hairstyle is translated into a bob cut, will give you elegance and enhance your features.

2017 Fashion horoscope forecast for Virgo Romanticism and the natural are your main characteristics.

You love to wear a simple but very well-made hair, you do not like dyes, so you usually choose your color or you give a little light through a few small wicks.

Your ideal look is a semi-undone, perfect to clear your face and let your powerful eyes glimpse.

Leave a few wicks on the face and pick up the rest in a tied braid, you will have a very sweet and smooth appearance.

2017 Fashion horoscope forecast for Libra Your priority is work and studies. You want to emphasize, ambition is one of your strengths.

Your style of hairstyle is something very practical but at the same time sophisticated, a shorter short hair combined with a long asymmetrical fringe.

Natural colors are your great ally, use wicks to give more volume.

2017 Fashion horoscope forecast for Scorpio The natives of this sign are usually very spiritual and do not have too much interest in fashions.

As for the hairstyle opts for reddish tones, they will make your skin color stand out and give you that point of originality that you like so much.

Cut the tips and stick with a good short mane, very easy to comb, we all know that you do not like to waste too much time.