Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017. Love and money astrology forecast LIBRA to PISCES.

LIBRA Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017 Issues with the parental care and authority you experienced in your childhood may come up for you during this period.

Revisiting these issues can be painful, but when you work through them you will find that you are further along on your evolutionary path to finding your real place in the world, independent of the belief system of society around you, or any other factor that does not emanate from your own inner guiding light.

SCORPIO Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017 You show your altruism and sense of community and by taking real action. You don't stand passively by, but tend to jump in aggressively and do something.

You show your altruism and sense of community during this time by keeping the lines of communication open, by sharing information, and networking.
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SAGITTARIUS Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017 The job you are doing everyday is just a breeze.

You have started with new initiatives or projects that will develop in a great and exciting way.

But give it some time and you will see that you will reap a great harvest, whatever it is. You may have to tread a little extra to couples to keep living quarters of home.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017 At this time you may have an almost psychic awareness of the feelings of others.

You must combat at this time a tendency to manipulate others for your own purposes.

There may also be compulsive behavior around the issue of sexuality, or in insisting you get your own way, which must be transformed if there is to be growth.

AQUARIUS Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017 Right now, your mind is, above all, practical in nature, and filled with ideas and thoughts of how best to manage and accomplish this or that project.

Not much for emotional expression, you tend rather toward clarity and efficiency, when it comes to communication.

PISCES Horoscope Week of January 22, 2017 You work in harmony with the changing face of the world at large.

That is, what happens in the public sphere both at home and abroad seems to have an influence somewhere along the line on how you think and feel about yourself personally, and yourself in relation to the world generally.