Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017. Love and money astrology forecast LIBRA to PISCES.

LIBRA Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017 Take care and be on the lookout for pitfalls.Conflict is in the air:proceed with caution, but make sure that you do proceed. Have faith in yourself and all will be well.

You are frustrated in your efforts to make big changes in the areas of communications, study or written projects.

SCORPIO Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017 This is an intense and powerful week. The challenge will be to distribute this to create something constructive, but it looks like you stuff, if you will.

There are areas that work and home this concerns in particular. You have many ideas. Ask your family if you want to explore any of those.

SAGITTARIUS Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017 Your attempts to express yourself are frustrated during this time, particularly in areas of your life where you would usually expect to feel a sense of adventure.
Horoscope Week of February 5  2017 Libra to Pisces

All plans for expansion seem to be blocked by obstacles, resulting in a feeling of getting nowhere

CAPRICORN Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017 You may be ending something in your life which satisfied your sense of individuality, moving into new areas which require more of a responsibility to a group.

Perhaps you are letting go of a group of friends or a cause which was once close to your heart.

AQUARIUS Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017 Now you have an incredible ability to create changes in the business you operate, affecting your economy in a constructive manner.

If this does not happen at work, even when it is at least fairly certain that this is true romance and love your life.

PISCES Horoscope Week of February 5, 2017 You may realize that you are caught up in a relationship that limits your self expression; it could come to an end unexpectedly.

If you hang on to your patience, opportunities will soon return for you to experience a lot of success and achievement.