Christmas Horoscope. General trend of the sign and your behavior as a guest or house master.

Christmas is the time of the reawakening. For many, the tension rises ... Are you invited? And in this case, what kind of guest are you?

If you receive, you are probably immersed in your tree, your decor, your gifts, your menus, the 1000 things to think and do to make this great day succeed.

Each sign has its temperament, its tastes and its desires, the opportunity to make a small round of the zodiac, admittedly caricatural, but often instructive. We will describe the general trend of the sign and your behavior as a guest or house master.

1) Gemini: Adapting to circumstances, seizing opportunities is the motto of Gemini.

You often go late in this kind of preparation, not through negligence but to keep the freedom to change your mind as long as possible.
Christmas Horoscope 2016 your behavior as a guest or house master

If you are invited, some will forget the gifts (because they do not expect themselves!) But you will be cheerful, sociable and sparkly light.

If you receive, you will have to heart that everyone has fun and your legendary sense of observation will notice a child's grief or an imminent domestic catastrophe by always reacting positively.

2) Leo: Loe is designed for the Feast, he may have invented it!

You like the splendor and glitter of the receptions and you make it a point of honor to organize yourself impeccably.

If you are invited, you will arrive with arms loaded with gifts, not necessarily expensive but always very personal and you will have to heart to make you positively notice by a faultless behavior.

If you invite, you will have invested in an original decoration, sometimes extravagant.

3) Libra: For the Libra, appearances are important, it is for this sign a kind of politeness. You will therefore probably rely heavily on the decoration and on the festive atmosphere of your New Year's Eve.

Guest, you will be an elegant guest, full of tact in the exchanges and measured in everything: you can be placed next to anyone.

If you invite, you will have at heart to put your guests at ease, to make them sparkle eyes with a particularly successful fir or fairy fireworks.

You find your pleasure in the pleasure you give, you can expect an unforgettable evening.

4) Sagittarius: Sagittarius sees everything in large.

You dream of a fir tree five meters high, you accumulate victuals to support a seat and you find gifts magnificent.

If you are invited, you will have at heart to express your contentment by an attitude full of warmth, generosity and listening. You can be a real train by train in a New Year's Eve.

If you receive, your main concern will be to do everything at best even if you start to balance your budget.

Pay your purchases in cash! This will save you from the aftermath of financial hangover ...

5) Aquarius: Skiing and exotic trips for all the worms who hate festivals as they hate conventions.

If you find yourself in spite of everything embedded in a New Year's Eve, at home or at others, you will put a lot of good will on condition that this does not generate any forced constraint.

Elsewhere, you will put animation into the conversation and if you are in shape, you can entertain the gallery throughout the night.

With you, you will put the same enthusiasm with, as a bonus, an excellent meal because you are not against the good things of life.