Astro Wiki RAPBEH Claire Marielle Miralo birth chart and personality traits.

Wiki RAPBEH Claire Marielle Miralo became viral due to scandal video with her partner and group of friends.

The  RAPBEH video was first posted by a popular Facebook page R-Breezy, went viral then other pages and websites has downloaded and reposted the said content.

Claire's uncle Jhon Peter Santos refuted the claim saying that his niece is alive and staying in Angeles, Pampanga. He urged netizens who got the video to delete it and to stop circulating rumors about her supposed death.

She was tagged with that name because of her background music. Her real name is Claire who is a high school students of famous University.
Wiki RAPBEH Claire Marielle Miralo birth chart

There has been so many scandalous videos that were posted on Facebook this November but the previous ones are not comparable to the hype of the RapBeh video scandal.

RAPBEH Claire Marielle Miralo birth chart forecast.

You are a free-spirit and an independent person. You are on a mission to do things in a new, creative way.

Before you tear down old walls, make sure that the new wall you plan to build is really a better one.

If you think things through carefully, you truly can break new ground, open new doors, invent and create something unique.

While others often need scientific proof, you very often prefer to trust your intuition.

You also have a good appreciation for poetry and literature. Any subject that is taught in a dry, formal, unimaginative manner bores you, and, as an adult, you may consider yourself very inept in various subject areas only because they were presented to you in a very dry manner when you were young.

You may neglect the needs of your family and feel minimal interest in the welfare of those in your community. 

Try to develop more loving concern for others, and realize that the personal touch and caring is more valuable than any strictly material gift you could give.

RAPBEH Claire Marielle Miralo personality traits oracle

  • Logic, technical detail, mental concentration, research:  88
  • Philosophy, politics, education, religion:      150
  • Psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature:         40
  • Poetry, fantasy, fiction:         101
  • Originality and inventiveness:       97
  • Argumentativeness and aggressive in speech. Decisive and impatient: 69
  • Romantic. Need for a mate. Inclination to fall deeply in love:      95
  • Excitability:      99
  • Nurturing, family-oriented, domestic, devotional, supportive:    47
  • Emotional reserve and aloofness. Personal detachment, seriousness:  291
  • Child-like exuberance, lightness of mood, and sense of humor:    100
  • Impatience, tendency to anger. Fiesty, headstrong, aggressive:   78
  • Diligent, patient effort. Ability to successfully finish tasks:    119

A score above 150 is very high.
A score from 125 to 150 is above average.
A score of around 100 (75 to 125) is average.
A score from 50 to 75 is below average.
A score below 50 is very low