Astro Wiki Mickie James birth chart zodiac: adventurous, playful, freedom-loving.

Wiki Mickie Laree James-Aldis (born August 31, 1979), better known as Mickie James, is an American professional wrestler, actress, model and singer. Born at Richmond Memorial Hospital in 1979, Mickie James grew up in Hanover County’s Montpelier area.

A lifelong Virginian, James spent years honing her craft with a goal of becoming one of the greatest Divas in history.

When James debuted in 2005, Trish Stratus was that benchmark and Mickie’s idolization with the Canadian beauty was clear from the get go. But that respect and adulation soon turned dangerously obsessive.

The WWE Universe was stunned when Mickie James was revealed as the next challenger for NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. One of the most beloved female Superstars of her era, James may provide the toughest test to date for the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow at TakeOver: Toronto.

Celebrity astrology: Mickie James birth chart horoscope. Virgo sign.

Astro Wiki Mickie James birth chart zodiac forecast

Like most people, you enjoy a bit of wonder and magic, perhaps a fairy tale, the Christmas season, or a story of seeming miracles.

These little diversions may not seem important, but they give greater meaning and depth to your life than you may realize.

You have a taste for elegance. You dislike ostentation but you are attracted to genuine nobility of character, and you gravitate towards a life style and circle of people who are mature and sophisticated.

You have a deep sensitivity that others may be very unaware of. Some form of moral laws or religious principles are important for you to develop and discover, and without a good ethical and emotional foundation in your life, you may turn to alcohol or other forms of escape.

You can be very self-sacrificing for a worthy cause. Your spontaneous, compulsive feelings can also incline you to unusual creativity and achievements.

Open and generous, you enjoy a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and you thrive on sociability and fellowship.

You are adventurous, playful, freedom-loving, and always ready for a good time.

You rarely allow obstacles or difficulties to keep you down, for no matter how bleak the past or present, you always expect a better, brighter future.

In fact, you are uncomfortable with your own or other people's problems and emotional pain.

Mickie James horoscope personality traits
  • Logic, technical detail, mental concentration, research:  118
  • Poetry, fantasy, fiction:          127
  • Originality and inventiveness:        100
  • Argumentativeness and aggressive in speech. Decisive and impatient: 112
  • Romantic. Need for a mate. Inclination to fall deeply in love:      87
  • Child-like exuberance, lightness of mood, and sense of humor:       138
  • Impatience, tendency to anger. Fiesty, headstrong, aggressive:      102
  • Diligent, patient effort. Ability to successfully finish tasks:     95
  • Dynamic energy, zeal, bursts of energy. Loves excitement and thrills. Action-oriented:  144
  • Sacrificing, passive, non-aggressive, non-competitive, cooperative, perhaps evasive:  101
  • Loyalty to friends, family, spouse. Intensity of bonding: 82
  • Gregarious, convivial, warm, friendly, outgoing, talkative, need to socialize:  116
  • Need for solitude, quiet, retreat:      63
  • Need to be part of an organization, company, or club. Contributor to group effort:  91
  • Need to receive recognition, attention, status, encouragement, stand out or be a leader:  157
  • Independent. Difficulty following orders and regulations. Loner. Follows own instincts:  153
A score above 150 is very high.
A score from 125 to 150 is above average.
A score of around 100 (75 to 125) is average.
A score from 50 to 75 is below average.
A score below 50 is very low.