Aries New Year good resolutions for 2017. I preserve my autonomy.

To give you the best chance to make 2017 a great year, we'll show you what are the resolutions that ARIES must take to live a fully positive year!

1) I channel my energy. Act yes, I know how to do but do I do well? That's the question I have to ask myself this year. To answer it, I reflect before raising a finger. And I only move if all the lights are green.

2) I pay attention to others. Always in a hurry, I think only of my interests and seldom take the trouble to spare the susceptibilities. This is how I put a lot of people back, while with a touch of tact, a touch of diplomacy, everything would be so much more fluid.

3) I preserve my autonomy. Not needing anyone to do what I have to do, I take initiatives. No matter the result, I acted, it makes me climb in my own esteem and that, it has no price.
Aries New Year good resolutions for 2017

4) I keep my thoughts for myself. At least initially, or even in a second. For to say what passes me through the head without filter, without thinking, without taking gloves, I may say aloud what everyone thinks in a low voice except that it is I who take. And it's heavy.

5) I remain motivated. Even when it gets stuck. Even if the situation does not turn to my advantage. Great ideas are good. Going to the end of a project is better.

6) I'm listening. Stop, I sit down and take the time to listen to my little inner voice. Locating my emotional needs, analyzing what I feel will help me target the right people to me and make a cross over others.

7) I no longer yield to buying impulse. To please me, of course. To make me flip because of the end of a difficult month, no. Now I try to manage my budget and agree to deprive myself if I can not afford my desires. On the pretext that one lives only once, promised, sworn, I no longer arrogate to myself the right to do anything.