Aquarius Partner Horoscope for January 2017. Scorpio to Aries.

Aquarius and Scorpio Partner Horoscope for January 2017. Aquarius and Scorpio argue about subjects such as the future of their relationship, family associations, money matters and creative pastimes. They just can't seem to agree.

It's important for both Scorpio and Aquarius to continue to appreciate each other's differences at all times and to realise that this relationship is potentially very rewarding if the difficulties can be faced and resolutions found.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Partner Horoscope for January 2017. Meaningful! If you give yourself a bit of trouble and have a small surprise for the partner, then could be a really nice evening result!

Now Aries and Sagittarius's relationship resembles a battleground in which both try to change the other. It is possible that these battles become emotionally abusive, perhaps even violent.
Aquarius Partner Horoscope for January 2017

Aquarius and Capricorn Partner Horoscope for January 2017. On this days these small provocations are particularly evident? There might be a thunderstorm!

This relationship can be a positive or a negative experience, depending on how Capriconr and Aquarius handle intense feelings. Some individuals thrive on intensity, while others feel threatened and powerless.

Aquarius and Aquarius Partner Horoscope for January 2017. It takes a lot of patience until the sensitive Aquarius carefully stretches the sensitive feelers, but when the soul partner is sighted on the shell edge, it is completely out of the house and lures him into the same.

There, from then on there would be a cuddling of his brood, the sweetest of the sweethearts, and the tumultuous outward world could be stolen from him.

Aquarius and Pisces Partner Horoscope for January 2017.  Both Pisces and Aquarius feel excited by this union. Their imaginations are enlivened.

In particular Pisces's ideas are encouraged by Aquarius's creative input, enabling her to better express herself. It's possible that they work together on a creative project.

Communication has an easy flow, more intuitive than concrete.

Aquarius and Aries Partner Horoscope for January 2017. The sensitive Aquarius are not merely creepy, no, they are also extremely sensitive to weather and motherhood, and therefore sometimes their fierce moody whips.

But magnanimous Aries keep it out of the game, and there is no puckering out of the crown when they gaze down upon the tear-watered screech, and radiate a little warmth of heart.