2017 Love Horoscope Water Pig and Fire Rat. This combination is most ideal for a long-lasting love relationship.

2017 Love and Relationship Horoscope forecast Water Pig and Fire Rat Rat and Pig feel strongly drawn to each other, experiencing a sense of completeness in each other's company. Fire Rat can really shine through her association with Pig.

She appreciates the benefits that this union brings into her life and the way in which Pig helps her achieve her personal goals. In turn Water Pig has a greater sense of well-being through his association with Rat.

Problems can arise when Rat and Pig start to sacrifice their own personal needs for a misguided perception about what is good for the relationship.

This behavior can erode the creative component of the union and both Rat and Pig may lose their self-confidence and direction in life.
2017 Love Chinese Horoscope Water Pig and Fire Rat

This relationship is fraught with problems that Rat and Pig find difficult to understand and solve. In particular Pig feels that her light is hidden under bushel.

Female Water Pig and male Fire Rat 2017 Chinese Love Horoscope Both Pig and Rat enjoy listening to each other, as well as talking.

They may also enjoy writing notes to each other. Together they learn a greater understanding of each other and themselves. Pig has a great respect for Rat's intellectual prowess and may even help her to develop her mental skills.

Pig is likely to feel some insecurity in the relationship. Rat is likely to feel that the Pig's feelings and insecurities are holding her back from relating to other people and the world in the way that she wants.

On a more positive note this combination can add a spark to life and keep Pig and Rat willing to resolve difficulties to a satisfactory conclusion.

Basic Characteristics of the Water Pig and Fire Rat

The Fire Rat is an original thinkers and hate being told to correspond to rules and regulations. They can sometimes get caught up in the moment and get carried away without thinking about the repercussions.

The Water Pig will always try their hardest to please others but some people will take advantage of this. They love outdoor activities like camping and fishing and love to go to parties and social gatherings. They are hard workers and will do well in their chosen profession.